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Mihail Lari Hi Josh, sorry, not sure about the details related to this image. Good luck!

Louise Lawler's 18-20 inches, 2001-2003

Mihail Lari Great tour with Ruba Katrib, my first time at the SculptureCenter 11/7/15

Gabriel Sierra's Untitled (contratiempo), 2015

Mihail Lari This painting is based on Edward Hopper's Sun in An Empty Room, 1963. "In his later paintings, Edward Hopper sought to express the experience of seeing and perceiving the world by treating light in such a way that it almost becomes a material object. His emphasis on light, the dissolution of material objects, and his ability to visualize an internal reality received its ultimate expression in Sun in an Empty Room, one of his last pictures." http://www.edwardhopper.net

Byron Kim's After Sun In An Empty Room, 2008

Mihail Lari Deborah Kass' Vote Hillary is the basis of the current New York magazine cover. http://www.artnews.com/2016/11/15/deborah-kasss-trump-is-on-the-cover-of-this-weeks-new-york-magazine/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ARTnews%20Headlines%2011-15-16&utm_content=ARTnews%20Headlines%2011-15-16+CID_b58cf9904114705ca03232a76db80de6&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=DEBORAH%20KASSS%20TRUMP%20IS%20ON%20THE%20COVER%20OF%20THIS%20WEEKS%20NEW%20YORK%20MAGAZINE

Deborah Kass' Vote Hillary, 2016

Mihail Lari Vimeo video of the installation can be found here: https://vimeo.com/135335507

Haroon Mirza's A Chamber for Horwitz; Sonakinatography Transcriptions in Surround Sound, 2015

Mihail Lari And the new book on his work is so impressive. Look forward to adding more of his work!

David Simpson's Eccentric Plane, 1984

Mihail Lari The breadth of David's work is amazing.

David Simpson's Eccentric Plane, 1984

Mihail Lari Thank you Standard (Oslo) for a great visit.

Ann Cathrin November Høibo's Untitled (36), 2016

Mihail Lari Still intrigued by Mark Leckey's work thanks to Colleen introducing me to it.

Mark Leckey's Felix, 2013

Mihail Lari Pard's sculpture looks especially good in your courtyard! As does the courtyard!

Pard Morrison's Schneewittchen, 2013

Mihail Lari Thanks for this. Visited Bridget's gallery on Friday! I'd been hearing of her program so glad to finally connect with her.

Jessi Reaves' Title unknown

Mihail Lari I didn't know the series... Of course, the Sarah Charlesworth stills are also interesting!

Aaron Siskind's Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation, 1961

Mihail Lari Great to hear. Had an awesome studio visit with Sterling Ruby last month!!

Charline Von Heyl's Untitled, 2012

Mihail Lari You saw this show??! We own two great Eileen Quinlan works already from an earlier series!

Eileen Quinlan's Title unknown

Mihail Lari Want to check out the new show -- that is, if I can find the gallery without you leading the way! :)

Lucas Blalock's Title unknown