Aria Dean quotes

  1. "The “Forward Proxy” series grapples with the questions and anxieties I have about the relationships between the artist, object, and audience. I’ve realized that my practice is driven by an interest in examining the conditions under which certain objects are seen, à la Robert Morris. For me, the “objects” are artworks, me, and other subject-objects like me. The “condition” is blackness. So, the sculptures, Minimalist in facture, address this, as they teeter between the personal and a more objective and materialist approach to history. They’re made of clay from southern Mississippi, a few hours away from where my paternal grandfather grew up. The pieces are historical without capitulating to frameworks of “narrative,” “self-expression,” and “experience” that are so readily applied to the work of black artists. This show feels like the first time that I’m fully addressing those approaches head-on—not simply refusing them, but turning them against themselves." —Artforum, October 16, 2018 Edit Remove