Tamar Halpern quotes

  1. "I used to work for a traditional photographer and I would spend hours in the darkroom building multiple developers, testing paper, and things like that, but I don’t really fit in with that kind of photography. So I started creating compositions using photographs on the computer. I wanted to create photography in the same way that the musicians...make their music and not repeat anything that had already been done; I wanted to find my own way. My way of working straddles both photography and painting, and because painting is both an additive and subtractive process, I take it step by step. It’s a collage of layers between mediums, yet the images are photographic as whole. The way I use color, certain layers have more focus as though it were a photograph, the information blends and gets confusing, but again, it’s about the feeling not really the purpose." —Interview Magazine, February 23, 2015 Edit Remove