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Piero Bisazza has served as CEO since 2000 of Bisazza, a luxury brand and leading producer of glass mosaics and more recently home design, wood flooring, ceramics etc. With his sister, Rosella Bisazza, Piero inaugurated a 6,000 square foot exhibition space in Montecchio Maggiore for their Bisazza Foundation designed by Carlo Dal Bianco. Several of the polaroids from his collection were sold at Phillips in 2018

Quotes Edit

  1. "I've always admired Araki's photographic style, in particular, his use of color... In our advertising campaign, Araki was able to harmoniously match the brilliance of the golden mosaics with the vivid colors of the models' kimonos." —Artsy, May 9, 2018

Links Edit

  1. POLAROIDS from the Piero Bisazza Collection, Artsy, May 9, 2018


Artists in collection

Nobuyoshi Araki, Sandro Chia, Candida Höfer, Robert Mapplethorpe, Carlo Mollino, Helmut Newton, Mimmo Paladino, Paolo Roversi, Marcel Wanders, Andy Warhol

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Piero Bisazza Collection