1. Lock Kresler

    Lock Kresler


    Lock Kresler, who formerly worked at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary department for 15… more

  2. Michael Krichman

    Michael Krichman


    Michael Krichman serves as Executive Director of inSite (1995-present). He holds a… more

  3. Knight Landesman

    Knight Landesman


    Former Publisher of Artforum, and constant present in the art world, Knight Landesman… more

  4. Mihail Lari

    Mihail Lari

    Patron, Professional

    San Francisco, California, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA

    Mihail Lari is an… more

  5. Todd Levin

    Todd Levin


  6. Constance M. Lewallen

    Constance M. Lewallen


    Constance Lewallen is adjunct curator at the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum… more

  7. Maria Lind

    Maria Lind


    Maria Lind is a curator, writer and educator based in Stockholm. She is the director of… more

  8. Tarrah von Lintel

    Tarrah von Lintel


    Tarrah von Lintel is the founder of Von Lintel Gallery over 20 years ago. Ms Lintel began… more

  9. Brett Littman

    Brett Littman


    New York

    Brett Littman is the Director of the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum… more

  10. Klaus Littman

    Klaus Littman

    Artist, Professional

    Klaus Littmann grew up in Basel, Switzerland, studied at Düsseldorf Art Academy with Joseph… more

  11. Dmitry Logvin

    Dmitry Logvin


  12. Glenn D. Lowry

    Glenn D. Lowry


    Glenn Lowry, a scholar of Islamic art and former director of the Art Gallery of Ontario in… more

  13. Nicholas D. Lowry

    Nicholas D. Lowry


    Nicholas Lowry is President and Principal Auctioneer at Swann Auction Galleries, founded in… more

  14. Justine Ludwig

    Justine Ludwig


  15. Sharon Maidenberg

    Sharon Maidenberg


  16. Robert Manley

    Robert Manley


    Robert Manley is Co-Head of 20th Century & Contemporary Art at Phillips since 2015. Before… more

  17. Roxana Marcoci

    Roxana Marcoci


    New York, New York, USA

    Roxana Marconi is Senior Curator in MoMA's Department of… more

  18. Ahmed Mater

    Ahmed Mater

    Artist, Professional

    Saudia Arabia

    An artist and physician, Ahmed Mater uses photography, film, and performance… more

  19. Laura Mattioli

    Laura Mattioli

    Patron, Professional

    Milan, Italy; New York, New York, USA

    Laura Mattioli is a art historian, curator, and… more

  20. Shoair Mavlian

    Shoair Mavlian


    Shoair Mavlian is director of Photoworks and is responsible for curating the 2018 Brighton… more

  21. Kynaston McShine

    Kynaston McShine


    New York, New York, USA

    Kynaston McShine, an Afro-Caribbean, was believed to have been the… more

  22. Franklin Melendez

    Franklin Melendez


    Franklin Melendez is a freelance writer, curator and art advisor based in New York. He is… more

  23. Neal Meltzer

    Neal Meltzer


    Neal Meltzer worked at the auction house, Christie, Manson and Woods from 1990 to 1998.… more

  24. Claire Breen Melwani

    Claire Breen Melwani


    Hong Kong

    Claire Breen Melwani is a business development consultant currently working… more

  25. Al Miner

    Al Miner


    Al Miner joined Georgetown in 2017 as Founding Director/Chief Curator of Georgetown… more