1. Sharon Maidenberg

    Sharon Maidenberg


  2. Robert Manley

    Robert Manley


    Robert Manley is Co-Head of 20th Century & Contemporary Art at Phillips since 2015. Before… more

  3. Roxana Marcoci

    Roxana Marcoci


    New York, New York, USA

    Roxana Marconi is Senior Curator in MoMA's Department of… more

  4. Ahmed Mater

    Ahmed Mater

    Artist, Professional

    Saudia Arabia

    An artist and physician, Ahmed Mater uses photography, film, and performance… more

  5. Laura Mattioli

    Laura Mattioli

    Patron, Professional

    Milan, Italy; New York, New York, USA

    Laura Mattioli is a art historian, curator, and… more

  6. Shoair Mavlian

    Shoair Mavlian


    Shoair Mavlian is director of Photoworks and is responsible for curating the 2018 Brighton… more

  7. Kynaston McShine

    Kynaston McShine


    New York, New York, USA

    Kynaston McShine, an Afro-Caribbean, was believed to have been the… more

  8. Franklin Melendez

    Franklin Melendez


    Franklin Melendez is a freelance writer, curator and art advisor based in New York. He is… more

  9. Neal Meltzer

    Neal Meltzer


    Neal Meltzer worked at the auction house, Christie, Manson and Woods from 1990 to 1998.… more

  10. Claire Breen Melwani

    Claire Breen Melwani


    Hong Kong

    Claire Breen Melwani is a business development consultant currently working… more

  11. Al Miner

    Al Miner


    Al Miner joined Georgetown in 2017 as Founding Director/Chief Curator of Georgetown… more

  12. Helen Molesworth

    Helen Molesworth


    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Helen Molesworth is a well-known curator who is behind… more

  13. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore


    Kevin Moore is an independent curator and advisor who works with private foundations such… more

  14. Frances Morris

    Frances Morris


  15. Aram Moshayedi

    Aram Moshayedi


    Aram Moshayedi is a curator at the Hammer Museum. He co-curated the 2016 Made in LA… more

  16. Manuela Mozo

    Manuela Mozo


    July 2017, Manuela Mozo became executive director of the Untitled art fairs in July 2017.… more

  17. Dolores Ormandy Neumann

    Patron, Professional

    Dolores Ormandy Neumann was a collector and art dealer who focused on graffiti art in New… more

  18. Lars Nittve

    Lars Nittve


    Lars Nittve is a Swedish museum director, curator, art critic and writer. He was most… more

  19. Linda Norden

    Linda Norden


    Linda Norden is a curator, writer, and part-time professor of art history, theory, and… more

  20. Liberté Nuti

    Liberté Nuti


    After working at Christie’s for over 20 years, Liberté Nuti is joining Hauser & Wirth in… more

  21. Hans Ulrich Obrist

    Hans Ulrich Obrist


    Mr Obrist is a co-founder of the Brutally Early Club, a discussion group that periodically… more

  22. Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi

    Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi


    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi is a Nigerian-Australian curator… more

  23. Erin O'Toole

    Erin O'Toole


    Dr. Erin O'Toole is associate curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern… more

  24. Alfred Pacquement

    Alfred Pacquement


    Alfred Pacquement is a heritage conservator, independent curator and cultural consultant,… more

  25. Maureen Paley

    Maureen Paley


    The gallery programme began in 1984 in a Victorian terraced house in London’s East End.… more