1. Amber Harper

    Amber Harper


  2. Yuko Hasegawa

    Yuko Hasegawa


    Yuko Hasegawa is a member of the Asian Art Council at the Guggenheim Museum, New York;… more

  3. Lauren Haynes

    Lauren Haynes


    Lauren Haynes joins the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas as… more

  4. Josef Helfenstein


    Josef Helfenstein, who was born in Lucerne, Switzerland left his job at the Menil… more

  5. Andrew Herman

    Andrew Herman


    Andrew Herman is CEO of French Girls, a smartphone app that lets customers commission… more

  6. Joanne Heyler

    Joanne Heyler


  7. Matthew Higgs

    Matthew Higgs

    Artist, Professional

    New York, New York, USA

    Matthew Higgs is an artist, writer, publisher and currently… more

  8. Rujeko Hockley

    Rujeko Hockley


    Rujeko Hockley is Assistant Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art since early 2017,… more

  9. Jens Hoffmann

    Jens Hoffmann


    Jens Hoffmann is a curator, writer, editor, and educator. His work has attempted to expand… more

  10. Katie Hollander

    Katie Hollander


    Katie Hollander worked at Creative Time for ten years. She started as deputy director of… more

  11. Max Hollein

    Max Hollein


    Max Hollein has served as the Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art since the summer… more

  12. Steven Holmes

    Steven Holmes


    Steven Holmes has served as Curator of The Cartin Collection in Hartford, Connecticut since… more

  13. Michael Ned Holte

    Michael Ned Holte


    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Michael Ned Holte is a writer, independent curator, and… more

  14. Vanessa Inn

    Vanessa Inn

    Patron, Professional

    San Francisco, California, USA

    Vanessa Inn provides strategic advice to the entertainment… more

  15. Eungie Joo

    Eungie Joo


    San Francisco, California, USA

    Eungie Joo serves as Curator of Contemporary Art at the San… more

  16. Tony Karman

    Tony Karman


  17. Ruba Katrib

    Ruba Katrib


  18. Corey Keller

    Corey Keller


    San Francisco, California, USA

    Corey Keller is Curator of Photography at the San Francisco… more

  19. Byron Kim

    Byron Kim

    Artist, Professional

    Brooklyn, New York, USA

    Byron Kim is known for two important series, Synecdoche and his… more

  20. Tina Kim

    Tina Kim


  21. Phyllis Kind

    Phyllis Kind


    San Francisco, California, USA

    Phyllis Kind, an influential American gallerist and dealer… more

  22. Peter Kloman

    Peter Kloman


    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Peter Kloman is a Senior Vice President and Senior Fine Art… more

  23. Christopher Knight

    Christopher Knight


    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Christopher Knight is art critic for the Los Angeles Times.… more

  24. Edouard Kopp

    Edouard Kopp


    Edouard Kopp has served as Chief Curator of the Menil Drawing Institute (which is part of… more

  25. Thomas Krens

    Thomas Krens


    Thomas Krens became director of the Guggenheim in 1988. He helped conceive Mass MOCA in… more