Nick Cave's Unarmed, 2018

Nick Cave
Unarmed, 2018


Cast bronze, metal and vintage beaded flowers

23 3/4 × 18 5/8 × 8 7/8 inches

39 3/4 × 16 × 22 5/8 inches (overall dims with shelf)

Unarmed (2018), is the visual realization of twenty-first century America. This is an America where one can be killed simply for being Black. From 1619 to 2020, the saga of unjustified murder of Black people in America continues. Driving while Black; Running while Black; Walking while Black; Living in your own home while Black; Sleeping while Black; Living while Black; are all things that can get you killed by police in America. A Black hand, almost caressed, but not fully enveloped in an undying wreath of beaded vintage foliage, reaches up to the sky. The sole finger points as though ready to pull the trigger, points to God, reaches toward heaven, asks us to stop. And consider. Its final gesture before the inevitable collapse to the hard ground. The forearm, which is a cast of the artist's own arm, is the point at the end of the sentence: one does not need to see the rest of the line to understand the unseen violence captured in the moment. It is enough to see the disembodied gesture, shrouded by the delicate crafted broken circle, to know what happened.

23 3/4 × 18 5/8 × 8 7/8 inches

39 3/4 × 16 × 22 5/8 inches (overall dims with shelf)… more

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