Jammie Holmes' They’re Going to Kill Me (Dallas), 2020

Jammie Holmes
They’re Going to Kill Me (Dallas), 2020


Library Street Collective

Photo by Jammie Holmes


This is documentation from a public demonstration initiated by Dallas-based artist Jammie Holmes on 30 May 2020, Jammie Holmes: EVERYTHING HURTS. is presented to amplify and build upon the artist’s response to the recent murder of George Floyd.

On 30 May 2020, airplanes with banners presenting Floyd’s final words extended across five cities, between the hours of 1130 and 2100 EDT. The messages connected cities across the United States to protesters across the country, demanding the end of police brutality against the African American community. The airplanes flew over Detroit, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City. In Detroit the text read “Please I Can’t Breathe.” In Miami “My Stomach Hurts.” In Dallas “My Neck Hurts.” In Los Angeles “Everything Hurts.” and in New York “They’re Going To Kill Me.”

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