Why can't I sign into my account?

There are several reasons why you might be getting an error message: "Please check the ArtLinked ID and password and try again." Here are some suggestions that might help you sign in if you're continuing to have problems:

  1. Are you sure you're entering your ArtLinked ID or correct email address and the correct password, and your Caps Lock key is not pressed down, for instance? The password is case sensitive so you need to enter it exactly the way you chose it originally.
  2. Are browser "cookies" enabled? For example, to reset your cookie options in Internet Explorer, go to Tools and choose Internet Options, then click the Privacy tab. Click "Default". In Safari, go to Preferences and then click on the Security section and then on the appropriate "Accept cookies" button.
  3. Is your browser set to check for new versions of pages? For example, in Internet Explorer, go to Tools and choose Internet Options, then click the General tab and click "Settings". Ensure that the "Automatically" button is highlighted.
  4. If you think you might have forgotten your password, please click the "Forgot password?" link on the Sign In page, which you can reach by going to www.artlinked.com and clicking on the Sign In link on the top right.
  5. Please try deleting your cookie files. If your cookie is not being accepted correctly, you will be logged out of your account as soon as you move to a different page. This may be blocking your ability to log in or stay logged in. To delete your cookies, close all browser windows, find the "cookies" directory, and delete the cookie files inside. As always, make sure that you have selected the proper files before deleting.
  6. At times it's necessary to clear your browser's cache. The cache is the memory your browser uses to store content of the web pages that you visit. Storing that content lets your browser load those same pages more quickly the next time you visit them.
  7. To keep from having to sign in each time, you may wish to check the "Keep me signed in until I sign out" check box.

If you're still having problems, please request a new password. After you receive your new password, you can change it.