Marian Goodman Gallery

Niele Toroni's Empreintes de pinceau N°50 à intervalles réguliers de 30 cm, June 2019, 2019Nan Goldin's Roommate with teacup, Boston, 1973Nan Goldin's Roommate in her chair, Boston, 1972An-My Le's The Silent General, Fragment VI: General Robert E. Lee and General P.G.T. Beauregard Monuments, Homeland Security Storage, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2017Lawrence Weiner's Every Which Way + Up, 2010Gabriel Orozco's Untitled, 2016Gerhard Richter's Strip, 2011Gerhard Richter's Strip, 2011Anri Sala's Why the Lion Roars, 2009Bruce Nauman's Life and Death, 1983Luciano Fabro's Udo (Prigione) and Nudo (Prigione)Bruce Nauman's Welcome to LA, 1985Jean-Luc Mouléne's Knot-kKot, 2012Luciano Fabro's Sisifo, 1994Gabriel Orozco's Fly stamp collection, 2010