Louise Lawler's Soup Can, 2005/2006Louise Lawler's (Beer), 2013/2015Louise Lawler's Coming, 2001–2002Louise Lawler's Berlin (traced and painted), 2000/2013/2014Louise Lawler's Berlin (traced), 2000/2013Louise Lawler's Berlin, 2000Louise Lawler's Life After 1945 (Faces) (adjusted to fit), distorted for the timesLouise Lawler's 87, 63 93/2000, 1993-2000Louise Lawler's I-O, 1993/1998Louise Lawler's Chandelier, 2001/2007Louise Lawler's Title unknownLouise Lawler's Not Yet Title (adjusted to fit), 2004/2005/2015Louise Lawler's Blue Dog, 2007Louise Lawler's Assembled, 2010/2011Louise Lawler's Ask/Tell, 2008/2009Louise Lawler's Title unknownLouise Lawler's 844-2, 2010Louise Lawler's 18-20 inches, 2001-2003Louise Lawler's 2 Heads, 2002/2004Louise Lawler's (Bunny) Sculpture and Painting, 1999