Sol LeWitt's Horizontal Bands, Colors Superimposed (triptych), 1988Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #1146 B Spheres lit from the left, 2005Sol LeWitt's Title unknownSol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #583 NSol LeWitt's Tower (Frankfurt), 1990Sol LeWitt's Tower (Lodz), 1993Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #559Sol LeWitt's Wall Floor Piece #1, 1976Sol LeWitt's Title unknownSol LeWitt's Splotch #3, 2000Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #792, 1995Sol LeWitt's 144 Variations, 1968Sol LeWitt's #1, 1984Sol LeWitt's Floor Piece, 1976Sol LeWitt's Flat-Top Pyramids #1, 1986Sol LeWitt's Three x Four x Three, 1984Sol LeWitt's Splotch #15, 2005Sol LeWitt's A Circle Divided into Eight Equal Parts with Colors Superimposed in Each Part, 1988/89