Mario Yrisarry's Precincts, 1965Leo Valledor's Becoming, 1963Leo Valledor's Four Seasons, 1980Lily Stockman's Quaker MeetingLily Stockman's Pipes Wash, 2016Spencer Finch's Passing cloud (over Derneburg), 2011Blair Thurman's Spectre, 2018Janet Cardiff, George Bures Miller's FOREST (for a thousand years), 2012Sarah Morris' E45 [Abu Dhabi], 2015Shahryar Nashat's Kneeling Cyan Giant, 2009Shahryar Nashat's Mother on Wheels (Nero Marquina 1), 2016Shahryar Nashat's Psych Twombly (Luiggi), 2017Roy Lichtenstein's Title unknownSilke Otto-Knapp's Islands (Full moon), 2016Marilyn Minter's Orange Crush, 2009Andy Warhol's Self Portrait, 1986Ken Lum's My Arms are Ready to Embrace the Universe with Love, 1983Ken Lum's Steve, 1986Joel Holmberg's Toilet with Toilet Paper Barrier #12, 2017Felix Gonzalez-Torres' Untitled, 1992-1995