Amanda Ross-Ho's Double Tragedy Wall, 2017Mary Kelly's Circa 2011, 2016David Lamelas' The Other Side, 2017Cecily Brown's Sirens and Shipwrecks and Bathers and the Band, 2016Byron Kim's Goryeo Green Glaze #1, 1995–1996Peter Cain's Coward, 1993Kay Rosen's BlurredKay Rosen's Monuments, 2014Kay Rosen's Happy Ever After, 1994/2016Peter Alexander's 6/13/17 (Blue Wedge), 2017Peter Alexander's 1/30/16 (Large Red Drip), 2016Olivier Mosset's Untitled, 1986Wolfgang Tillmans' Lighter, green/yellow III, 2008Peter Alexander's 9/2/16 (Blue Black Wedge), 2016Wolfgang Tillmans' Silver 121, 2013Dan Flavin's the diagonal of May 25, 1963 (to Constantin Brancusi), 1963Thomas Ruff's Self-Portrait, 1987Adrian Ghenie's Rest During the Flight Into Egypt, 2016Sean Scully's Wall of Light Green, 2013Mary Corse's Untitled (DNA Series), 2017