D’Angelo Lovell Williams' Seeded, 2016D’Angelo Lovell Williams' The Lovers, 2017D’Angelo Lovell Williams' Fleurish, 2016Francis Bacon's Study for Head of Isabel Rawsthorne and George Dyer, 1967D’Angelo Lovell Williams' Structural Dishonesty, 2016Gerhard Richter's Dϋsenjäger, 1963Donald Woodman's This Ain't My First RodeoDonald Woodman's Agnes Martin from the Vanity Fair assignment, 1988Martin Creed's Work no. 329: Half of the air in a given spaceRineke Dijkstra's Beth, The Krazyhouse, Liverpool, England, December 22, 2008, 2008Mary Heilmann's Horizontal Yellow, Red and Blue, 1976Mary Heilmann's Title unknownMary Heilmann's Red Mirage, 2017Mary Heilmann's Sliding Square #1, 1978Liu Jianhua's Pillows, 2009Ray Johnson's Untitled (Jasper Johns, James Dean with Coca-Cola), 1993Jack Mendenhall's Yellow Tulips, 1973Paul Mpagi Sepuya's Desktop, April 2, 2014, 2014Paul Mpagi Sepuya's James (unfinished Capote, after Van Vechten), 2012Leo Valledor's Liberty Rock, 1980