Dana Schutz's Deposition, 2017Kathryn Andrews' Shuttlecock, 2017Heimo Zobernig's Untitled, 2016Georg Baselitz's Dystopian Couple (Dystopisches Paar), 2015Joel Shapiro's Title unknownSeth Price's Title unknownSeth Price's Title unknownAnni Albers' Triadic DR III, 1969Christopher Williams' Title unknownSuperflex's All Data to the People, 2018Martin Klimas' Untitled (# C0215), 2017John Meyer's Untitled Diptych #6 (Blue/White), 1994Richard Serra's Title unknownCarol Bove's Grasshopper, 2017Dan Flavin's Untitled (To Helga and Carlos, With Respect and Affection), 1974Philip-Lorca diCorcia's Lucas Zwirner, left, with his father, David Zwirner, at the family’s New York townhouseMatt Keegan's C.Ar.D. Cutout (Red Brown), 2016Matt Keegan's Cutout (Black Blue), 2016Matt Keegan's Untited (Neon), 2014Matt Keegan's Title unknown