Maynard Monrow's Untitled / Immigrants, 2017Maynard Monrow's Untitled, 2013Maynard Monrow's Untitled / Otherwise, 2016Maynard Monrow's Untitled / Casting Couch, 2015Maynard Monrow's Title unknownTheaster Gates' Study for Pavilion, 2017Meuser's Mietnomaden, 2017Roni Horn's Deeps and Skies, 1995–1996Roni Horn's Untitled (Aretha), 2002–2004Roni Horn's Asphere V, 1988-1993Roni Horn's Asphere, 1986 – 1995Jon Pylypchuk's the pack (i will always love you), 2010Jon Pylypchuk's Title unknownJon Pylypchuk's Untitled, 2015Julien Bismuth's An image as a surface dubbed, 2014Kate Steciw's Composition 520k, 2015Kate Steciw's Composition 520j, 2015Douglas Eynon's Title unknownPaul Mpagi Sepuya's Marques, April 11, 2013, 2013Brad Phillips' Title unknown