Elmgreen & Dragset's Couple, Fig. 13, 2016Elmgreen & Dragset's Couple, Fig. 25, 2017Wolfgang Tillmans' Atlantique, 2016Wolfgang Tillmans' CLC-800, dismantled, a, 2011Hans Haacke's The Business Behind Art Knows the Art of the Koch Brothers, 2014Hans Haacke's Collateral, 1991Hans Haacke's State of the Union, 2005Thomas Demand's Constellation, 2000Thomas Demand's Constellation (Paris Edition), 2000Thomas Demand's Archiv/Archive, 1995Rineke Dijkstra's Coney Island, N.Y., USA, June 20, 1993, 1993Rineke Dijkstra's Odessa, Ukraine, August 4, 1993, 1993Rineke Dijkstra's Forte da Casa, Portugal, May 20, 2000Rineke Dijkstra's Vendas Novas, Portugal, 2000Wolfgang Tillmans' Karl, Utoquai 20, 2012-2013Thomas Demand's Scheune (Barn), 1997Thomas Demand's Studio, 1997Thomas Demand's Labor (Laboratory), 2000Paul Mpagi Sepuya's Title unknownPaul Mpagi Sepuya's A portrait, 2015